Photo of Owen

This website is a simple collection of my thoughts, experiments, and experiences as a human being and as a developer.

As of May 2018, I've been aSoftware Developer at D2L for six years. I was at one time a Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo. Having first touched a computer at two years old, I haven't yet looked away. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and technologies, proving concepts, and having fun with the code I write.

Computer security and world education are two areas of our global society which I am greatly interested in. While I don't pretend to be an expert, breaking and evading systems is incredibly interesting. Is our web actually secure? How do we subvert censorship efforts? How do I have a private conversation with someone? These are the sort of questions I ask myself, and spend time researching; and, while I haven't contributed to the field yet, that will hopefully change in the future. As for our education systems… why do they suck, and how can we make them better?